-Little Star-

Καιρό είχα να γράψω, οπότε ας αρχίσω με ένα τραγούδι που έγραψα προχθές – τα συντακτικά λάθη είναι ΔΙΚΟ ΜΟΥ πρόβλημα :p
Το φαντάζομαι σε γρήγορους ρυθμούς jazz-blues και γουστάρω ήδη.

I once said i’d like to live
but we all know we’ve got to love first
So i banished my fears inside my head
and tryed to go on babysteps.

The way you looked at me was magical
The way you touched my lips was mythical,
I said you are the one
and after that, i gave you my heart

I made a lot of mistakes and
i know that i was wrong
Forgive me but in school
they never teach you how to love

So i took a dangerous risk and i
swam accross your ocean
but you my darling looked at me
and told me that you can’t see
what it feels
to be me

Oh darling can’t you see ?
Oh baby try to feel me
I know it’s hard but this is love
it is a path under the sea
It is a road without no end!
The lights turn down, but we still shine
We may get lost, but in the end, you know
We know we shall bring back the light
– together.



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